Life & business coach, psychologist, communication expert, and passionate believer in positive human potential.

Effective communication and emotional intelligence are essential for establishing productive connections with others.

Stress management

Relationship challenges

Decision making

Effective communication

Positive leadership


Work-life balance


Life transitions


Personal development


What I do?

I design tailor-made coaching programs that support people to enhance their communication skills, emotional intelligence, and resilience in order to be able to build valuable connections with others.

Born as individuals, but without the possibility to survive and thrive alone, we – humans – are torn between two fundamental needs: one is the need to confirm our individuality, difference, and uniqueness, and the other is the need for acceptance and relatedness with others.  

Fulfilling the need for self-actualization, makes us turn to ourselves, and our social needs turn us towards others. 

How can we alleviate this inherent human tension?

I have grown to believe that it is possible by establishing a close and positive relationship with ourselves, as a basis to build valuable connections with others.

When we have emotional intelligence and good communication skills, we can relate to others in all domains of our lives without losing our sense of uniqueness and authenticity.


What clients say:


Ida speaks with great enthusiasm and commitment which I find very inspirational. Her way of conversation with stories and vivid examples helps me expand my perspectives, focus on my resources, and regain my confidence in communication and relations with others.

Ana K.

Product manager


Ida is a dedicated professional and helps me enhance my resilience and improve stress coping strategies in everyday challenges. Her counseling techniques are very useful and trigger reflections on individual behavior which we are often not aware of.

Slagjana S.

medical doctor


"At the time of the first session, I was hoping for someone to help me emotionally through a difficult time but not just to console me but inspire and provide direction and produce momentum in my life in a completely different set of circumstances. Ida assisted me greatly in establishing goals, helped me obtain clarity about my issues. Coaching did get me thinking about my goals and responsibilities in a helpful, realistic, and motivating way. Ida’s presence was a source of security and inspiration through a difficult time".

Ilina B.

CEO of “Mamas food” in Austria

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